Sunday, August 23, 2009


We all know why homosexuals need to come out. Staying in creates debilitating stress, mental anguish, emotional problems, cancer, you name it. Pretending to be someone or something you aren't is difficult at best, and at worst will kill you. Just ask anyone what it was like before they came out.

So what about bisexuals? Since I like women, I can pretend easily enough. I can fool anyone, in fact I have done all my life. No one ever need know that I can also be attracted to men, transgenders, genderqueers, intersexuals, straights, queers and lesbians. Pretending would make my life so much easier, wouldn't you think? I can easily seem 'normal' and blend in. And quite frankly what I'm into is no one else's business.

Except that the world just plainly assumes I'm straight. If I'm not gay, then I must be 'normal' (read straight). In fact, everyone assumes that I'm normal, just because I'm obviously not gay. The thing so many people don't get is that I'm NOT gay, but I'm not straight either, and that label fits or suits me no better than gay. Sometimes I want to scream from the tops of buildings "I'm not straight!".

"So what are you then?" people want to know. Poor, poor straight people. It's only taken modern mainstream humanity decades to deal with two sexual orientations, now they have to learn three? Little do they know.

Regardless, I don't want to be taken for straight. I'm bisexual. The label doesn't really fit either, since it implies that I like two things and I'm actually not restricted to two, but it's all I have and I would rather wear it even if it doesn't fit, than wear straight.

So then where to from here, how can I educate the whole world? Get them to understand there is more than two choices, or three. Perhaps I need help from the history books. How did the gay rights movement really get some steam?

One thing's for sure, not by staying in the closet.

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  1. Well said and thank you! The label game is wearing me out :-)