Monday, January 11, 2010

God vs Gay

My "Marriage in Maine" video on YouTube got quite a heated response. Lots of comments from religious types along the lines of you're evil, you're sick, you're a pervert, you're gona get aids and die, gay people don't deserve rights, etc, I'm sure you get the picture.

I deleted some of the most vile comments, only then to be accused of picking and choosing which comments I like. The whole thing left me feeling really sick, heartened only by the reassurance that at least one more place on earth was going to move forwards. When it was voted down I was crushed. I don't know why, since I don't live in Maine or even the US, but I think I had just set my heart on the warmth of some progress.

Reading back over the comments now is really interesting. Particularly the hypocrisy of those who claim and espouse love and forgiveness, yet somehow feel justified in hating others for their differences. I find their intolerance sad and pathetic. What right does anyone have to say things like "You're going to burn in hell" to anyone else? What an awful thing to say. I actually got very angry about some of the things that were sad and bit back a few times, only to drown under a title wave of christian god bothering. I give up.

Part of being a "good christian" is all about being a good samaritan. Spreading the word and indoctrinating others into the fold. Saving them from themselves. I accept the free right of others to believe in religions if they choose. Personally I think it's silly to voluntarily subjugate one's self to a philosophy that seeks to control you with fear and guilt, but if people want to do that then it's fine with me. I really don't mind if they do, but it seems they don't accept my right to exist as a queer man. In fact they don't tolerate anyone unless they fit the straight, christian mould. That's their limitation, not mine.

Pfft. Go to hell? LOL You may as well tell me 500 monkeys are going to fly out of my butt, because that's just as unlikely as burning in a fire that never goes out, in a place that doesn't exist.